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I have always had a sense of wonder for photography. Starting at the age of 5 I asked for a camera for every birthday and Christmas and then came high school when I learned how to use a DSLR and fell completely in love with the practice of picking up the camera and telling it exactly what I wanted it to do and it would do it. To be honest this may just be the oldest sister part of me that always wanted to create order from chaos and have everyone do exactly what I said to do...

I started working in the Shepler's Photo Studio in 2013 and used what I made there to start my own photography business in the Spring of 2014. I shot everything I could get people to pay me to shoot including Seniors, Couples and Families but it wasn't until my cousin took a chance on me for his wedding that I found what I was ultimately passionate about! Weddings have been my one and only focus since 2016. The only time I have strayed from that path is for friends, family or past clients (whom I consider both friend and family).

I was born and raised in Wichita, KS and now it is the base of operations for my business as well as Dallas, TX and Natchitoches, LA. I travel all over the US for photoshoots and weddings so if you are wanting adventure, just let me know because I will go anywhere and everywhere and take as many beautiful photos all along the way as humanly possible.

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"I'm a little loud and sarcastic and I could sit and listen to anyone talk about the things they are most passionate about forever and never get bored! Creating once in a lifetime memories for my clients is not something I take lightly and will always prioritize your happiness on your wedding day just as much as the photos themselves. When we meet, I promise that we will have the most off the wall, yet meaningful conversations all while capturing your most cherished memories." -Lauren Rebecca